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The Man Who Dreamed Stories Could Change The World

Once upon a time not long ago, in The Land called Cleveland, a man had a dream his destiny was a quest to change the world by telling stories.

The next day he supposed that dream was because he had read many books for many years.  Great tales of adventure and the heart. Many of the stories he read had been passed down for centuries, some thousands of years old, and were yet still remarkably compelling to the soul.  

He knew that people loved hearing a good story—that stories were innate to our humanity.

He started sharing his stories and discovered that most people did not have time to read lots of words or books—so he took pictures and films with a camera, designed images using color to evoke emotions, made simple icons that represented the essence of big concepts, wrote music that opened the human heart, and started creating new ways to tell stories with new tools.  

People loved these new stories.  

They liked how they made them feel, even though they lived in a world behind a screen—the world of digital.  

Business men and women took notice and asked him, "Could these stories make us more money?"

The man thought they could. He went about helping businesses tell good stories, and the businesses indeed made more money. The man thought he could make money, too, and began a business himself.

The man found that other people wanted to join him on his quest to change the world, and they did. At the same time he learned that not all people and businesses shared the man’s beliefs and were driven by greed.  

Years went by and many great stories were told.  

The man had another dream one dark and cold winter’s night. He came to understand that the quest he had set forth on would never be fully-realized or even finished. It was not an unattainable quest, no, it was evergreen. The man wanted to help more people, the environment, have more impact with his stories, and create more positive change.

He decided that he would only work with people and businesses that also wanted to make the world a better place. He would no longer work with people and businesses that only sought to profit from people and the planet without consideration for their actions. He again found comfort and happiness in his quest.

His stories continued to change the world by influencing people's hearts and minds to do good things, support good people, help businesses believe in the power of giving back for good.

He helped people understand that every small act of kindness does add up—it matters. Even tiny things that are as simple as smiling at complete strangers, perpetuating love of humankind and our earth was a noble endeavor—not a hopeless one.  

His enthusiasm and kindness spread and continues to grow each and every day as he continues his evergreen quest.

Join him.  

You can write amazing stories with him—creating things that connect, touch, and benefit our humanity.

The man's business is called Blue Sparkplug.  

His business knows how to shine new, bright, light—to create the spark to start your business engine of change. They’ll help you to tell stories that make people feel like they’re a part of something much bigger than themselves.  

Something that changes the world.

Be a part of the quest.

Simply, say hello—and smile when you say it.

Timeless Wisdom

"Those who tell the stories
  rule the world"

Native American Proverb


We help you leverage the innate emotional essence and strategic advantages of your company's products and/or services, discover the feeling we want to imbue to connect with people, and then create compelling visual language, stories, and activations that turn customers into enthusiasts.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin


We would love to show you our work, privately.  Just say hello. Like an attorney or doctor, we respect our clients confidentiality.  We ask if it would be ok if we shared the work we've done with other folks in a private setting.  Our celebrity clients very much appreciate this.  Millions of people have seen our work, we just don't need to boast about it publicly. Our midwest humility, genuine approachability, and world-class work has enabled us to flourish since 2004.